By designing our own coil we were able to take into account the available dwell time of the N54 as well as the IGBT system being built into the DME.  We were even able to take into consideration the ohm load of the factory BMW coil that came in the N54.  What this means is our coil looks exactly like the factory coil to the DMEmaintaining all functions allowing the computer to monitor and react as designed by the engineers at BMW.

So these coils have 250% more output than the factory coils what does that mean for my DME as they are already prone to heat issues and component failures?

    • Output is directly related to input current and time so let’s look at the math below using the given information from the chart above.  We will use saturation dwell as this is the maximum output (the hardest the coil can work)

BMW  Coil - 7.425amps / 2.7ms dwell  = 2.75a per ms

PR Coil -  9.045amps / 3.7ms dwell = 2.44a per ms

For additional information we have provided the ACDelco and Lamborghini as well to see how they would react and load our system.

ACDelco Coil – 6.75amps / 5ms dwell =  1.35a per ms

*Lamborghini Coil -  16.2amps / 2.5ms dwell = 6.48a per ms

*This would result in 236% more strain on our electrical system if used requiring upgrades to other components to be stable

    • So as  you can see while the PR coil pulls more current to have higher output it is capable of doing it over a longer period resulting in less load on the electrical system.


  • Summary

o  Precision Raceworks coils are designed specifically for your car

o  OEM Resistance Matched (DME Flash through MHD provides additional performance)

o  DME Flashing Not Required  (DME Flash through MHD provides additional performance)

o  Designed for optimal dwell time available

o  More energy output than any other coil tested under 3.7ms

250% more energy than the BMW coil pack (With Out flashing the DME the PR coils put out 200% more the Factory BMW Coils!)

Precision Raceworks N54 Coils