Gain over 60whp and 80wtq with a stock BMW on pump gas
Significantly reduces the N54 turbo lag
Adapts to modifications (downpipes, intercooler, intakes, 100 octane, etc.)
Invisible to BMW tuning detection software
Installs within 30 minutes
Instant power with easy Plug & Play installation.
Free firmware updates with the BMS USB Cable!

Are you ready to take your turboed BMW to the next level in tuner performance?  Burger Motorsports has finally released the all new JB4 PNP Stage 3, and yes it is everything you can imagine and much, much more!  The new BMS JB4 gives you up to 80HP to the wheels on a completely stock car and up to 250HP to the wheels on a fully modified car. The JB4 features a simple plug and play installation harness and built in deletion of hidden "tuner detection" codes. Compatible with all ECU versions.

Burger Motorsports N54 JB4 G5